Getting Help

Do you need help or do you have a question about BankDirect, our products, or our services? Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

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What is BankDirect?

Why should someone bank with BankDirect?

How would someone set up an account(s)?

Do BankDirect customers receive checks?

Yes. Just like any other bank, checks are one way in which customers make transactions against their account(s). BankDirect issues the first set of checks (a 50 pack) for free. Then when customers need additional checks they reorder them through the Manage section on our web site.

We also send out monthly account statements similar to traditional banks. However, with BankDirect, since customers can review their bank activity anytime they wish via the Internet, we do not provide deposit receipts or actual checks in the monthly statement, only imaged copies of their checks or deposit receipts. This cuts down on our operational costs, and we can pass the savings on to customers in the way of better rates.

How do customers get cash?

How is Client Support handled?

How do Quicken customers email Client Support?

How do bill pay customers change merchant information?

How do customers bank if they do not have access to a computer?

What type of security is used on the BankDirect site?

Can I open a Minor account?