Getting Help

Do you need help or do you have a question about BankDirect, our products, or our services? Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

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What is BankDirect?

Why should someone bank with BankDirect?

How would someone set up an account(s)?

Do BankDirect customers receive checks?

How do customers get cash?

How is Client Support handled?

How do Quicken customers email Client Support?

How do bill pay customers change merchant information?

If a customer needs to change merchant information in bill pay, such as change of address/phone number, etc., the merchant must be removed and set up as a new merchant. This is required because the merchant list is shared by all BankDirect bill pay users. In the shared environment, changing a particular merchant's address/phone, etc. would affect all users and that change may not be appropriate for everyone.

How do customers bank if they do not have access to a computer?

What type of security is used on the BankDirect site?

Can I open a Minor account?