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Company Background

BankDirect, a fast growing Internet-only bank that provides convenient, competitive banking products and services to customers nationwide, went live on the Internet on May 17, 1999 at www.bankdirect.com. BankDirect provides competitive interest checking, savings, and money market accounts as well as certificates of deposit and free bill pay service to customers on the web. BankDirect offers financial control to customers who benefit from the convenience of banking anytime, anywhere. Through a "no-branch" model, BankDirect offers competitive rates and more convenient banking than traditional banks.

BankDirect's web site provides intuitive functionality, is optimized for ease-of-use, and supported by a dedicated Client Support team.

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Banking direct begins by someone first visiting the web site at www.bankdirect.com. It’s as easy as submitting an application online. Once approved, you are set up in the system and mailed a Welcome Kit with the tools needed to start banking, including an access ID, password and ATM card if requested. The first check order is provided to the customer at no charge. Similar to a traditional bank, BankDirect sends out monthly account statements; however, since customers can review their bank activity at anytime via the Internet, we do not provide actual deposit receipts or checks in monthly statements, only imaged copies. BankDirect customers can withdraw cash from any ATM, pay an unlimited amount of bills electronically with no service fee, and have their questions answered through email or phone by calling 1.877.839.2737.

BankDirect serves customers throughout the United States from its web site as well as its Client Support and Operations center located in Dallas, Texas. BankDirect is the national Internet banking division of FDIC - insured Texas Capital Bank, a nationally chartered bank. Texas Capital Bank, is the principal subsidiary of Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc. (Nasdaq: TCBI), which was founded in December 1998 with the largest start up capitalization in U.S. banking history.

BankDirect targets customers in all 50 states who seek competitive rates, increased personal convenience and enhanced service.