BankDirect Visa® CheckCard

with Chip Technology and Apple Pay™

Introducing an easier way to make all of your everyday purchases with increased flexibility, enhanced security and greater convenience—all in one card from BankDirect.

Your BankDirect Visa® CheckCard has an embedded chip, as well as a magnetic stripe. A growing number of merchants in the U.S. and abroad are using chip card readers, which take advantage of new chip technology, as a more secure method of payment.

Enhanced Security

Enjoy greater protection against fraud when your card is used at a chip card reader. Thanks to the latest in chip technology, each transaction generates a unique, one-time code—providing an added layer of security. Learn more about the chip technology.

To use your new CheckCard, insert it face up into a chip card reader with the chip first. Leave the card in the terminal until prompted; then sign or enter your PIN. Wait to take your card until prompted.

Wider Acceptance

Enjoy wider acceptance at more locations outside the U.S., as chip technology is already being embraced internationally.

Additional Protection

For added protection, your card provides a daily $2,500 point of sale limit, along with a daily ATM limit of $500, and can be linked to either a checking or money market account. Cards linked to a Savings Account have access to ATM withdrawals only.

Savings and Money Market Accounts have regulatory transaction limits. See the bank’s General Terms and Conditions Disclosure for more details.

Real-Time Fraud Monitoring

When debit card transactions fall out of the normal spending patterns of the cardholder, we may contact you to make sure the transaction is actually yours. Making sure that a valid cell phone number is on file is essential to allow us to reach you right away if this occurs.

Visa® Zero Liability Protection

You are not liable for any unauthorized debit card transactions when you notify the bank promptly. See the bank’s Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure for more details.

Learn how to protect your BankDirect Visa® CheckCard with Verified by Visa®. BankDirect Visa® CheckCards are offered to checking account customers only.

Apple Pay™ — A New Way to Pay!

Enjoy an easier way of paying with supported devices in stores or within apps with Apple PayTM. Setup is simple. Start using ApplePay as soon as you add your Visa® CheckCard to Passbook® on your supported device. Learn more about Apple Pay™.

More ATM Locations

Also access cash at over 55,000 surcharge free ATMs. You will find that many surcharge free ATMs are located in some retailers such as 7-Eleven®, CVS®, Walgreens®, Kroger®, Safeway®, Costco® and more. Find a surcharge-free ATM location near you.

Surcharge-free Guarantee

BankDirect guarantees you will not pay a surcharge at any Allpoint® ATM. Some locations may have more than one ATM, not all of which are part of the Allpoint® Network. Check the ATM for the Allpoint® logo to ensure it's the right one. If you ever have a surcharge from an Allpoint® ATM, contact us at 1.877.839.2737 and we will refund the surcharge while we check into the error.

Please note: If you're prompted to accept a surcharge, press "yes" to accept and proceed with your withdrawal. You will not be charged or we will refund your fee.

ATM User Precautions are located in the BankDirect Disclosure Booklet.

International Transaction Alert

The safety and security of our customers' accounts is vitally important to us. Due to the increase in ATM and Debit Card fraud overseas, BankDirect will not authorize any transaction originated internationally unless our customer has contacted us to request us to do so. If you plan to travel outside the United States, or initiate a transaction with a vendor outside the United States, please contact Client Support (1.877.839.2737) to temporarily authorize your Visa®CheckCard and ensure there are no interruptions to your banking service.